ISO: Associate Chiropractor in OR

We are a well-established clinic with almost 65 years of combined clinical experience, we are seeking an associate chiropractor to join our team.  Currently, we are a three-doctor clinic.  Each doctor is staffed with a Chiropractic Assistant to scribe and assist with modalities.  Our office is one of the few offices in the state of Oregon that specializes in Applied Kinesiology.  Which means we are busy!! Such high demand that at times the doctors are booked out for several weeks. 

We follow a total person approach including nutrition, mental / emotional wellbeing, and of course physical structural correction.   Adjusting techniques include Diversified, Gonstead, Activator, Thompson drop and Sacro Occipital techniques.  We are looking for the right person who is self-motivated, enthusiastic, and willing to work hard.  Included in this offer is a future opportunity for a partnership.  Our lead doctor is retiring and there would be new patients available as well as a transition of current patients for the incoming   doctor. 

Please contact Windie Carroll for more information. 


P: 503-378-0068