Membership in ICAK-USA

New and Ongoing Member Dues Rates for Doctors:

First year of membership $185.00
Second year of membership $215.00
Third year and ongoing $400 (or, new for 2015-16, two payments 1st -$255/ 2nd -$155 )

$25 for each additional listing address.

Renewing members must log into their account.

Student Members:

$25 undergraduate memberships are open to full-time students enrolled in a post graduate program which would grant a degree enabling the student to obtain a license to diagnose.

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Retired Members:

$200.00 if you are/were a licensed to diagnose healthcare practitioner who is now retired from practice.

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Faculty Members:

$200.00 if you are a full-time faculty member teaching at an institution which qualifies its students for membership in the ICAK-USA.

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International Members:

$150 international memberships are open to licensed healthcare practitioner outside of the United States.

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Membership Requirements

The International College of Applied Kinesiology® U.S.A and its courses offered by the College are only open to those individuals who are health care practitioners, licensed to diagnose, or students enrolled in an accredited college program who, upon completion, will be granted a license to diagnose.

New Member Application Requirements- Doctor

Membership in ICAK-USA is open to health care professionals licensed to diagnose in their states. In order to process your membership, we must receive the following:

  1. License Number
  2. First Year's Dues

Non-USA residents: When submitting an application to ICAK-USA, applicants must first be members of their respective chapters and be able to verify membership.