Drs. Noah Lebowitz & Michael Lebowitz D.C. - Treating The Complex Patient 2017

Treating The Complex Patient 2017
Dr. Michael Lebowitz DC
Dr. Noah Lebowitz

Sunday, March 12, 2017; Los Angeles, California
Sunday, March 19, 2017; New York City, New York

We are happy to announce two seminars taught by Michael Lebowitz DC this spring. The first one will be in Los Angeles on March 12th and then in NYC on March 19th.

You will learn quick and easy ways to test for and treat:

· dysbiosis (fungal, parasitic, bacterial, viral, Lyme)
· food sensitivities/toxicities
· metal toxicity
· chemical intolerance and toxicity
· blood coagulation problems
· mycotoxins
· biofilms
· nutritional deficiencies and reactions etc.         

Register online at http://michaellebowitzdc.com/html/2017Seminars/index.html