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Quintessential Applications (QA)

ICAK-USA and QUINTESSENTIAL APPLICATIONS have entered an agreement for ICAK-USA members to purchase the QA Course online at a discounted price with a portion of the proceeds going to ICAK-USA. View the QA website for more information.

Manual Muscle Testing and Our Favorite Clinical Tools; Dr. Richard Belli & Dr. Lawrence Calderon

Dr’s Richard Belli and Lawrence Calderon will spend twelve hours teaching, demonstrating, and workshopping some of their favorite structural and functional medicine tools. The course will include manual muscle testing as a tool to evaluate both structural and chemical dysfunction. Each doctor has favorite tools commonly used in their successful practices that are efficient and effective in treating common conditions. Tools that are easily implemented Monday morning.

WHEN: December 5-6, 2020
Saturday: 8AM- 5PM 
Sunday: 8AM- 12PM

Introduction to Applied Kinesiology (Recorded Webinar Series)

Introduction to Applied Kinesiology 

Series 1: Modules 1, 2, 3, & 4
Series 2: Modules 1, 2, 3, & 4

Recorded Webinar Series with Charles Seminars, Inc.

Available 24/7

Eugene Charles, DC, DIBAK

The Ideal Way to Organize AK by Carl Amodio, DC, DIBAK

The Ideal Way to Organize AK!

These QA Workshops Complement the Comprehensive QA Home Study Course Online

Docs go to:

Basic Fundamentals of Applied Kinesiology - NEW DATES

Due to COVID-19, Basic Fundamentals of Applied Kinesiology courses with Dr. Leaf and Dr. Roselle have been postponed to the following dates:

Module 1 - August 29-30
Module 2 - September 26-27
Module 3 - October 31 - Nov 1
Module 4 - November 21-22 

Your registration will automatically transfer to the enrolled module.

Would you be interested? Certification Course taught by Dr. Robert Ozello, DC, DIBAK

I’m looking to teach classes for certification on full day Sunday and half day Monday. Doctors who cannot participate on Saturday have asked me to teach. I would like to get started perhaps in the Fall or early next year. 

Experience Practice Precision Through Applied Kinesiology; Drs. Hank Tolhurst and Mark Force

Access the nervous system with Muscle Testing
Examine Neurology/Structure/Biochemistry
Completely Integrate Exam & Lab Findings

Location: 14125 Capri Drive | Los Gatos, CA 95032

~ First 3 classes to be taught outdoors and compliant with Santa Clara County and CA health regulations ~