Treating the Complex Patient by Dr. Michael Lebowitz - 2012

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ICAK Credit Hours: 6

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This online learning course brings you the protocol of testing for and treating dysbiosis, food and metal issues, organ dysfunction, supplement needs, as well as new work on hypercoagulation, and much more.

Treating patients with this protocol will help you alleviate many musculoskeletal, gastro-intestinal, and endocrine disorders as well as many auto-immune and inflammatory conditions, headaches, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, as well as many other conditions.

All you need is a basic knowledge of muscle testing to be able to utilize these techniques.

Dr. Michael Lebowitz has been teaching advanced applied kinesiology techniques for over 20 years. His approach to chronic and difficult to treat conditions has brought patients from around the globe including major sport professional athletes to his clinic. In this course, you will learn techniques as well as the academics, physiology and rationale behind the approach.

Treating the Complex Patient by Dr. Michael Lebowitz - 2013

Course Price: $100

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This seminar focuses on Dr. Lebowitz's latest research on microbes, stealth infections, hypercoagulation, toxins, etc.

New, never before taught techniques to find these issues often previously missed in AK testing are demonstrated, as well as the latest strategies to treat these common but chronic issues.

Lyme disease is discussed in detail along with other common infections (fungal, parasitic, viral, etc.). This class will benefit both the advanced practitioner as well as beginners in this work.

Dr. David Leaf's iLearnAK Program

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ICAK Credit Hours per course: 6

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Dr. David Leaf's iLearn AK program is a series of modules on various AK topics. The modules are categorized into different conditions and AK treatment protocols. All the modules have videos of various lengths describing the muscle testing, diagnosis and treatment for each condition.

Module 1 -- Muscle Therapies
Module 2 -- Upper Extremity Nerve Entrapments
Module 3 -- Acupuncture Meridian